This is a list of selected publications/works by research team members produced in the framework of the project or related to its topics

Paiva, Daniel (2020) “Poetry as a resonant method for multi-sensory research”
Emotion, Space and Society 34

Khaleli, Jasmine (2019) “Mina: Fiercely Raving for Cultural Revolution”. Boiler Room, February 14.

Khaleli, Jasmine (2019) “Inside Kit Ket’s Cushioned Dungeon”. Boiler Room, July 17.

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Paiva, Daniel and Iñigo Sánchez Fuarros (2019).  “A ressonância do turismo em Lisboa”. In Criar Corpo, criar cidade vol. 2, edited by Ana Estevens, Filipe Matos and Sofia Neuparth, 44-48. Lisbon: CEG-IGOT. ISBN: 978-972-636-283-8. 

Paiva, Daniel and Herculano Cachinho (2019). “The sounds we make: environmental feedback and the entanglements of sonic presence”. In Sounding Places More-Than-Representational Geographies of Sound and Music, edited by Karoline Doughty et al. Edward  Elgar Publish.

Sequera, Jorge and Jordi Nofre (2018) “Shaken, not stirred.” City 22: 5-6